My name is Valentina, but I have been using the name windruffle for myself for some time now. I find it really conveys how affected by the wind I have always been. My birth chart (if you don’t care for astrology, just skip to the next paragraph) is filled with air signs, and no earth at all. I am all thought and fire. I love to think, read, talk, understand and speculate.

I have been reading cards since I was 16. I had gone to visit the older brother of a dear friend of mine who had died, and he told me about them, and about how he was taught by the gypsies he’d lived with for some time. He taught me to read them, normal playing cards. I practised. Eventually I moved to London from Italy and there I learnt more, through the guidance of a dear friend. I began with the Raider Waite deck, and then moved on to the extent that my friend gave me his beautiful Thoth Deck declaring I had become better than him.

I have been a translator, teacher and a bit of a gypsy myself all my life. I have three wonderful children and my husband and I now live in beautiful Puglia, by the sea, with two dogs and three cats. The time has come for me to put more energy into this passion of mine, which has accompanied me throughout my life.

Here’s what I would like to do in this website.

Tell you how I see the Tarot

There are so many misconceptions and so much prejudice surrounding this wonderful tool. I want to help see how much more to the Tarot there is than what you might have read so far.

Offer readings

Should you wish to try them yourself, I will be happy to give you a reading that can help you decide, make clarity, or just wonder about your past, present or future.

Write a book about Tarot
I will also write a book about Tarot, seen from my unique point of view and explained in my unique way. You might want to try it yourself!

Help finance professional Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune and many other fantasy great names illustrator Paolo Puggioni to continue his incredible deck of cards.
A full deck of cards (78) is a big, huge job. Paolo barely has any time to work on personal projects, so paying him to secure that time might be the only way to get this deck made.

As rewards, we could work out personalised prints, or specially dedicated cards. It’s a thought in process.

This is just one beautiful example of his cards: The Hierophant


If I am very, very lucky, I will use more of the incredibly beautiful cards of Paolo Puggioni, in my blog posts and in my book.

Follow me for updates about Tarot, about the Tarot book I am writing, to request Tarot readings here or on my social media channels, or even just to get a sneak peek at my husband’s cards as they come out of his very busy schedule.

Contact us if you’re a publisher that would like this fabulous deck and its accompanying book to come out sooner, with your name exclusively on it.

Join us on this journey towards the Tarot like you’ve never seen or heard before.

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